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Election 2024 Your View by Kevin Dellicker: I’ll apply experience in military, business to solve nation’s problems

Kevin Dellicker, one of the three Republican candidates for the 7th Congressional District, poses Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024, for a portrait outside his Germansville home. (April Gamiz/첥Ƶ)
Kevin Dellicker, one of the three Republican candidates for the 7th Congressional District, poses Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024, for a portrait outside his Germansville home. (April Gamiz/첥Ƶ)
Kevin Dellicker, one of the three Republican candidates for the 7th Congressional District, poses Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024, for a portrait outside his Germansville home. (April Gamiz/첥Ƶ)

Editor’s Note: 첥Ƶ solicited Your Views from candidates in contested primaries in the Lehigh Valley region. The three Republican candidates running for the nomination to challenge U.S. Rep. Susan Wild in November were asked to discuss what they see as they biggest issue(s) facing the 7th Congressional District and how they would approach solving the issue(s). Their responses are running this week, in alphabetical order by last name. Your Views from state House races will run next week.

When I graduated from Northwestern Lehigh High School in 1988, we had a beautiful day for the outdoor ceremony. Except the local farmer had hay to bale, and he kept driving his tractor back and forth in the field behind the stadium. We strained to hear the speeches over the rattle of farm machinery and watched the proceedings alongside a cloud of dust.

I grew up in New Tripoli, the most rural part of Lehigh County. When we played sports against local teams, opponents called us “Corn Cob High” and teased that we had more cows than people. That was probably true, and those were simpler times. But whether I’m at a church in my hometown, a sporting club in Northampton or a community meeting in Allentown, I’m hearing the same thing. People are worried we are losing our way of life.

Progressive policies deserve much of the blame. Washington Democrats have flooded our economy with trillions of dollars in debt and unleashed historic inflation that is harming our finances. They’ve degraded our military, denigrated our police and damaged our culture. And they’ve opened our borders, creating the most urgent national security threat we face.

But career politicians are responsible too, and that’s a bipartisan problem. They get elected to office and never leave. They earn pensions, perks and privileges, and make politics their livelihood instead of their duty. They don’t serve us. They serve themselves.

I’m no career politician. I’m an outsider who has never held an elective office. But I have experience in the most important issues facing our nation, and that’s what I offer to you. I’ll start by applying my 28 years of military experience to keeping you secure. I’ve served as an Army infantry soldier, Air Force intelligence officer, and squadron commander with four combat zone deployments. I know what it takes to ensure safe communities.

In Washington, I’ll be one of the highest-ranking and longest-serving veterans in Congress. That makes me uniquely qualified to modernize our military, deter our enemies and restore the doctrine of “peace through strength.” I’ll work to secure the border and protect your family from domestic threats like human and drug traffickers and criminal gangs. And I’m humbled to have the support of the four largest police organizations in the Lehigh Valley.

I’ll never be reckless in calling for military action. Those of us who fought in wars know better than that, and my own son is serving overseas in the Army. I have a simple test to determine whether I support the use of military force. If it’s worth sending my son into harm’s way, I’ll consider it. Otherwise, I won’t send your sons or daughters either.

When it comes to the economy, I’ll use my experience in running a business to control federal spending, reduce your energy costs and create good jobs for you and your family.

Nineteen years ago, my wife Susan and I started our company, Dellicker Strategies, in the basement of our home. Since then, we’ve created or sustained 100 jobs, managed broadband investments worth $300 million and helped dozens of organizations improve their cybersecurity.

Our company’s biggest impact has been on education. We’ve upgraded Internet access for hundreds of schools, including 46 in the greater Lehigh Valley. And we’ve saved millions of taxpayer dollars through innovations in cooperative purchasing. In Congress, I’ll keep working to save you money by improving the efficiency of public services.

Finally, I’ll fight for your family just like I’ve fought for mine. Susan and I raised three sons who graduated from Northwestern Lehigh and have gone to college and the military. We’re proud of our boys, and we worked hard to raise them right. But we didn’t just invest in our own children. We’ve invested in the entire community.

I’m trained as a Christian minister and counsel local families. I’ve volunteered 1,000 hours mentoring 20 high school students over the last five years. And I’ve spent countless days in the gym and on the field coaching 20 seasons of youth sports. I know that strong families are the bedrock of our society, and I’ll always defend your hometown values.

We need a change in Washington.

As your congressman, I’ll counter the progressive policies that harm our country and the career politicians who undermine it. I’ll work to cut spending, strengthen our military, secure the border and produce domestic energy. Then I’ll come home where I belong and let someone else serve, just like our founders intended.

We still grow a lot of corn in New Tripoli, and it’s quite possible we still have more cows than people. But we also grow commonsense conservatives who love God, family and country. That’s a crop our country desperately needs. And that’s what I’ll deliver for you.

Kevin Dellicker of Heidelberg Township is a military veteran, business owner and Republican candidate for the 7th Congressional District.

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