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Letters: Spring brings reminders of physical and spiritual rebirth

Town Square Cartoons
Town Square Cartoons

Spring, holidays stir feelings of hope

Spring is finally here. What a wonderful reminder of all the beauty in this world, bestowed upon us by a majestic and masterful creator. He took extra care to show us, through his amazing handiwork in nature, the hope and promise of newness of life in all its vibrant colors.

It’s so good, and seems completely necessary, to take a break from all the bad news reports coming at us every day, and just relish in the moment — the warm sun’s rays, the birds singing, the green grass and flowers in bloom. This newness of life is displayed not only in nature, but can be a reality of the human heart, thanks to Jesus Christ, lord and savior. May Good Friday and Easter Sunday be reminders of his life, death, burial and resurrection, and just how far he would go because of his amazing love for us. That is news worth celebrating.

Rosemary Plarr


Don’t punish people for civil disobedience

On Feb. 20, Grace Crampsie Smith joined with four Bethlehem City Council colleagues to praise the young people seeking a cease-fire in Gaza resolution. Ms. Crampsie Smith spoke at length and movingly of their passion and conviction, exhorting them to continue to “fight the good fight.”

However, on March 19, Ms. Crampsie Smith placed on the April 2 agenda a resolution to limit public comment at council meetings to Bethlehem residents and/or taxpayers. Which would deny most of these young people and others the ability to speak to us.

What happened in between, on March 5, was that those young people, disappointed in council’s action, produced their own resolution and, chanting “cease-fire now,” prevented council from completing its agenda.

This “unfortunate series of events,” as Ms. Crampsie Smith’s motion called it, was an act of civil disobedience, an act enshrined in our culture, a sign of a free people. Tolerance of civil disobedience is a mark of respect for democratic principles.

The issue here is civil disobedience, not where the speakers reside. Ms. Crampsie Smith’s proposal would not curb Bethlehem residents from doing the same nor should it. These young people were using a powerful tool of “fighting the good fight.”

We need to be very careful how we handle dissent.

Edward J. Gallagher


Groller, Housenick excel with local sports coverage

Each morning, as I unfold 첥Ƶ, I reach first for Sports. Each morning, I am treated to fresh, timely articles by Keith Groller, Tom Housenick and the team of capable freelancers.

While the Phillies, Sixers, Flyers and Nittany Lions are well-covered by nonlocal writers, I am most drawn in by Groller’s and Housenick’s up-close coverage of Lehigh Valley high school boys and girls teams: the preseason predictions and “players to watch,” the daily practice grind, the week’s winners and almost-winners, the showdowns at Districts and beyond. Groller and Housenick know the history of each league, the names and records of teams and coaches and individual student athletes. Quotes from their personable interviews reveal the highs and lows of prep sports, the unswerving dedication of players and coaches and their families to their team.

So, all you high school sports fans, let’s give a cheer for our sports choniclers, especially the two covering the everyday beat, Keith Groller and Tom Housenick.

Dodd Lamberton

Upper Saucon Township

Dellicker is best choice to defeat Susan Wild

Kevin Dellicker is the best equipped of the three Republican candidates to defeat U.S. Rep Susan Wild in November’s general election. He is a patriotic American who served in the military for 28 years and deployed to Afghanistan. He is a small-business owner and dedicated family man, with a Master of Divinity degree.

Susan Wild has voted with Biden 100% of the time. Under the president, inflation is costing an average family of four more than $11,400 annually, a Republican analysis found last year. Mortgage rates are 3.85% higher than at the end of the last Republican administration, adding about $6,545 per year to the median mortgage. Kevin Dellicker believes in keeping taxes and government expenditures low, and in a government where every citizen is guaranteed equality to achieve a fulfilling life with minimal government interference.

The Biden/Wild border policy has resulted in 2 million migrants entering the Southern border a year. Factcheck.org estimates, based on Department of Homeland Security data, that there have been 1.6 million unlawful entries from February 2021 through October. FBI Director Chris Wray testified before Congress that “we are seeing a wide array of very dangerous threats that emanate from the border,” including drugs: “enough fentanyl in the last two years to kill 270 million people.” Kevin Dellicker, as a military intelligence officer, will know how to support efforts to control the border, apprehend criminals and remove immigrants who will not be an asset to our country.

Jack Sedovy

Whitehall Township

November choice is between bad and stupid

It looks like we have the worst-case November scenario. In one corner we have a bad guy who says and does stupid things. In the other corner we have a stupid guy who does bad things. The best case is that they end up sharing a jail cell for the next four years. The worst case is one of them is elected president in November.

Andrew Kahn

Salisbury Township

Hamas, Israel’s neighbors also to blame for Gaza

A reader recently wrote that Israel is using hunger as a weapon of war against the Palestinians, and this is a war crime. But wait.  Hamas will not let the residents out so they can be used as human shields, and Egypt and the other Middle Eastern countries will not accept Palestinians. So, who is really at fault? Who is committing war crimes by using the population of Gaza as disposable tools of its campaign and who are the neighboring countries refusing to accept the Palestinian people who want to leave Gaza? The world should demand that the hostages be released and the leadership of Hamas surrender. When this happens, peace will be restored, and rebuilding of Gaza can start.

Richard Brand

Hanover Township, Northampton County


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