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Letters: Politics as usual in Washington with no practical solutions

Town Square Cartoons
Town Square Cartoons

It’s politics as usual with border, impeachment

Politics today: Republicans demand border security be included in any bill that supports Israel and Ukraine. By most news reports, Republicans got most everything they wanted. Republicans refuse to vote on the bill. Democrats then present a bill supporting Israel and Ukraine; Republicans refuse to consider the bill since it had no border security in it. Republicans vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for not doing his job after refusing to pass any additional border support. If we are going to impeach everyone in Washington who is not doing their job, it will become a ghost town.

Bruce Link

Bethlehem Township

Don’t reply on Republicans to solve climate crisis

It used to be that Republicans were vehemently opposed to Russia and the spread of communism. Now many support Putin’s aggression into a democratic country. They used to back individual freedoms and opposed government interference. Now many want to restrict what medical procedures we can get. They used to support the environment — the Clean Air and Water acts were overwhelmingly bipartisan. Now many want to stop government agencies from making and implementing rules to protect the environment.

One thing that hasn’t changed: They are still picking winners (fossil fuel industries) and losers (alternative energy startups) by their policy decisions and subsidies.

If such direct subsidies were invested in alternate energy industries and improving our electric grid, we could easily meet our carbon pollution reduction goals. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is how we got to the brink of this climate crisis. Reducing carbon emissions will require a multitude of policy and fiscal changes, from planting trees to a fee on carbon outputs. But we need action at the state and federal levels now, to turn this around.

The time to act is now but don’t count on the new Republican thinking to help.

John Gallagher

Bethlehem Township

Valentine’s cards earn students place in seniors’ hearts

Thank you to Brody and the outstanding students and staff of Northern Lehigh High School. They personally handmade over 500 individual Valentine’s cards after school. They visited and cheered up Fellowship Community residents and staff with beautiful cards. These special students made a very memorable impression on everyone. We really appreciate their thoughtfulness, kindness and love. With young people like this, our future is in good hands.

Pat and Tim Gilbert 

Whitehall Township

The writers are residents of Fellowship Community.

Long U.S. elections let money pollute the system

We have been long into the 2024 election cycle with 10 months to go. Our election cycle is peculiar to the U.S. and another national embarrassment relative to the rest of the world.

Technically, the 2020 election season lasted over 1,000 days at the cost of over $14 billion. That’s such a gross figure that it doesn’t require any further comment. We can all think of a myriad of ways that money can be put to far better use.

Other countries have far, far shorter election cycles, allowing far less money to poison the system. While we have the illusion of one person, one vote to mean having equal weight as well, in reality, we know that is a house of cards with the political pollution of dark money, corporations as people, super PACs and the list goes on.

Our elections turn on the elitist, corporate power structures and it comes from both sides. However, for decades now, it has reached frightening un-democratic levels.

As a country, we have problems and always will. This is a huge one and it threatens our very core.

Bob Aylward

South Whitehall Township

Prioritize spending to deal with inflation

I am a senior citizen living on social security and a small pension. I know as well as anyone how inflation has hurt the American people. But what I don’t understand are the priorities on which people spend their money. Yes, we all want to see our relatives at the holidays, but do you need to fly to see them or go somewhere to a warm climate? Casinos have close to record profits, holiday spending increased. All these things are non-essentials. Gambling on all these sport betting apps was a record. Then there are the corporate profits that were handed out. Yes we live in a capitalistic system, but to me in certain sectors there was price gouging. Oil companies are now running misleading ads about banning gas-powered autos. Not true, just the gas guzzlers. They are mad because oil revenue is flat lined, even with the trouble in the Middle East. To get through these hard times, one must prioritize what is needed to pay the bills.

Jeffery Ayers

Moore Township

Public should urge PUC to reject PPL settlement

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission should reject the PPL Electric Utilities settlement proposal.

첥Ƶ reported Nov. 22 that a $17.2 million settlement is being proposed to be approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for the PPL Electric Utilities billing problems that were discovered during the investigation. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission should reject the proposed settlement and a tougher penalty should be imposed based on the impact to the PPL Electric Utilities customers. I would recommend customers read the investigation and the proposed settlement that were reported in 첥Ƶ.

The customers have until 4:30 p.m. Feb. 28 to express their concerns with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission on how PPL Electric Utilities, a subsidiary of PPL Corp., handled the problems. The docket number for the case is M-2023-3038060. See the Feb. 6 article on page 4 in 첥Ƶ on the options to file your concerns.

Robert Cichonski

Upper Macungie Township

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