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Give up or fight on -- it's up to us! When the emotional Moon snaps at perfectionist Venus at 11:24 am EDT, criticisms can cut to the quick and injure our feelings. Later on, the Moon elevates dedicated Saturn, providing us with stable and grounded energy to pursue our goals and make real progress. Finally, the Moon trines fiery Mars, bringing us a burst of ambition and energy that comes from within. Let's use how we feel to motivate ourselves to grow.
Let your heart come home. First, the sensitive Moon works together with the confident Sun to balance our decisions and increase harmony with the people we love. That said, the Moon also struggles with confusing Neptune in intellectual Gemini. This can be a deceptive time, heightening emotions and fantasy for good or ill. Don't worry -- when the Moon finally enters its home sign of Cancer at 1:45 pm EDT, our intuition is strengthened rather than thrown off balance. Search for emotional equilibrium.
First comes the fight, then comes the healing. The sensitive Moon squares harsh Saturn at 10:39 am EDT today, which can lead to unfortunate encounters with authority figures, parents, or isolation. Whether they're actual fights or just unfortunate encounters, these issues can hurt. Luna also struggles with blunt Mars, bringing similar challenges as Saturn, but these challenges can be more aggressive, irritating, or fast-paced. Later, the Moon works with intelligent Mercury to help us figure out a solution to our obstacles. This too shall pass!
Changing our perspectives can make a dramatic difference. The emotional Moon leaps into intellectual Gemini, then collaborates with transformative Pluto, allowing our emotions and our thoughts to align. We can shift our thoughts and feelings for the better. Later, the confident Sun conjoins Mercury in ambitious Aries at 7:03 pm EDT, motivating us deeply, but sparking some impatient, rash feelings as well. Luna pulls everything together with fair-minded Venus, adding a code of ethics to our elevated mindset. Strive to be better than yesterday.
Emotions may erupt like geysers. The Moon first joins with prosperous Jupiter to boost our optimism and confidence while also amplifying our emotional response. Fiery Mars then conjoins stabilizing Saturn at 4:36 pm EDT. While their alignment offers us tenacious patience to persevere during challenges, it could also frustrate us internally in ways that really linger. To top it all off, the Moon enables rebellious Uranus, inviting more abrupt sudden upsets and inciting emotional chaos. Don't let the animals run the circus!
Our roots keep us from being swept away. The sensitive Moon slides into fruitful Taurus, and we shift from an ambitious, independent time in life to a more structured and settled time, allowing our inner stability to increase. When the Moon is in hard-working Taurus, we can prioritize maintaining comfort over starting fresh ventures. We should brace ourselves for the Moon squaring transformative Pluto at 10:35 am EDT, when shocking events might kick off inner stress or turmoil. Breathe, adapt, and avoid stress.
It's time for renewal. Cleansed in the flames of Aries at 2:21 pm EDT, the New Moon gives us an opportunity to start fresh, without past fears holding us back. All the action takes place in independent Aries today, so expect the purifying fire to remove whoever and whatever no longer needs to be around you, especially as wounded healer Chiron joins with the Sun and Moon. Finally, the Moon conjoins communicative Mercury, leading us to express ourselves with vigor. Rise up like a phoenix!
Our feelings are dialed up to 11! The sensitive Moon joins with creative Neptune, heightening our intuition and aesthetic sense, but inciting sensitivity and confusion in other areas. Luna bounces into fiery Aries at 7:25 am EDT, encouraging us to be more passionate -- and take more risks. Finally, the Moon joins with lovely Venus, adding even more wonder to the creative, romantic spark that we're already feeling, as well as offering further material security. It's time to let emotional inspiration take us higher!
Intensity rules the day! The emotional Moon conjoins ambitious Mars, impassioning us and encouraging the sort of expression that buoys us to fight for what we care about. The Moon also conjoins serious Saturn soon after, so restriction or criticism may pop up to obstruct our paths. Still, we have the emotional dedication to push past this. Later, harmonious Venus sextiles transformative Pluto at 1:46 pm EDT, offering us intense creativity or attraction. That said, these could become obsessions if we're not careful. Stay grounded!
It's a great day to share life and laughter with the people around you! The beautiful Venus moves into blazing Aries at 12:00 am EDT on the dot, reinvigorating our social interactions and introducing modern forms of revenue. To keep the good vibes going, the sensitive Moon then harmonizes with communicative Mercury, nourishing valuable conversations that encourage emotional bonds to form and grow. Finally, the Moon enters dreamy Pisces, adding a creative and idealistic tint to our desires. The good vibes are flowing freely!