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Letters: If Trump won’t admit truth Biden should refuse to debate him

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Town Square Cartoons

If Trump won’t admit truth, Biden shouldn’t debate him

Now that we know it is Donald Trump versus Joe Biden, the issue surrounding scheduling any debates is upon us. We all know Trump refused to participate during the GOP primary debates. However, he is now expressing interest in debating the president. Trump continues to be one of the top providers of misinformation, i.e., his claim that he won in 2020. It seems clear that he knew he lost the 2020 election but still tried to overturn the election. President Biden should refuse to provide him a platform to spread more lies. The president should publicly demand that Trump go on the record with the truth that he lost the 2020 election. Trump should be required to admit this fact on all media sites, including his own Truth Social. Without putting his false accusations to rest, he does not belong on the same stage as President Biden.

Paul M. Calandra

Upper Macungie Township

Shapiro’s carbon tax proposal would be disastrous for Pa.

Pennsylvania exported more electric power than any other state in 2020, according to energy data company Enerknol, providing jobs, energy security and a lifeline for neighboring states that merely pretend to be “green.”  Gov. Josh Shapiro’s proposed carbon tax as described in 첥Ƶ’s March 13 article would change that, trashing decades of infrastructure investment, undercutting the open generation market that has brought low power prices and making the commonwealth vulnerable to disasters such as the Texas blackouts of February 2021. It is disappointing to see public officials pushing dangerous scams, and far worse that they seem utterly unaware of reality. No dispatchable power plant should be shut down until a dispatch-capable facility of equal size has been constructed and is ready to take its place.

Don Lock

Bethlehem Township

Trump’s threats to NATO are shortsighted, ignorant

Donald Trump’s recent threats to abandon NATO partners once again demonstrates his profound ignorance of history and world affairs.

The security provided by this military alliance after World War II halted Soviet expansion westward. This resulted in over 70 years of protected trade and investment between the U.S. and Western Europe. In 2015 alone, the U.S. and the E.U. traded $699 billion worth of goods. U.S. investment in Europe totaled $2.89 trillion while investment in the U.S. by Europe totaled $2.49 trillion, according to the think tank the Atlantic Council. Obviously, economic benefits derived from NATO security far exceed any cost of membership in the alliance.

The Atlantic Council estimates that a protracted conventional war would cost the U.S. $2.5 trillion annually, not to mention the lives lost. Giving dictators like Putin a “green light” to attack neighboring countries makes such a conflict more likely.

Trump’s disdain for NATO and other alliances in Asia is consistent with his isolationist agenda, which some historians agree parallel U.S. policies of the 1930s that helped precipitate World War II. His simplistic policies under the “America First” label should terrify us.

Rich Israel


Why do US elections have to be so long?

It is only the middle of March, nearly eight months away from the November election but already both major political parties have selected their presidential nominees. The selection process was, for all intent and purpose, over after only four states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina), comprising less than 4% of the total U.S. population, held their primaries or caucuses. This ridiculous selection process has given us a rematch between two candidates, both well known to everyone yet wanted by almost no one. The overwhelming majority of voters have already decided who they’ll be voting for and there is probably nothing either candidate can do or say over the next eight months that’s going to change anybody’s mind. So why not just hold the elections next week and get it over with instead of subjecting us to eight more months of mindless campaign ads and inane rhetoric? Most other western democracies (such as Great Britain, Canada and many others) complete their entire nomination and election process in only a few weeks rather than months or years. Why can’t we?

Howard Amols


Joe Biden’s statements don’t equate to Donald Trump’s lies

A letter writer on March 17 claimed that he was tired of our national leaders constantly lying to us. He went on to suggest equivalence of Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s lies per Biden’s State of the Union address. There is an old saying of unknown origin, but often attributed to Mark Twain that “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” It leans into the idea that statistics are often used to argue either side of almost any issue. Joe Biden used a 15 million new jobs statistic to back up his assertion of increasing jobs during his administration. President Biden may have rounded numbers slightly to his benefit, but it is pretty easy to find credible sources for his approximate position on this issue. Regardless of complexity or cause, presidents are damned or praised for the results during their time in office. You can quibble with the number, but Joe Biden represented trending truth in his speech. Compare that to Trump, who continues to say his economy was the best in history, and his greatest lie ever; that he didn’t lose the last election. There is no statistic to support that. It is a damned lie.

Thomas Edwin Frantz

Upper Macungie Township

Explain the difference between Hunter Biden, Jared Kushner

So let me get this straight. Joe Biden’s son was wheeling and dealing with foreign companies and governments. And the Republicans are trying to link Biden with his son and calling Biden “crooked Joe.” So what’s the difference with Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s wheeling and dealing with foreign governments and companies? And this while his father-in-law is the Republican nominee for president. Why is the Trump family allowed to do whatever they want to make millions of dollars and the Republican Party thinks this is perfectly fine? Explain this to me please.

John Kostick 

Whitehall Township


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